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Are you looking for Brush Chipping ?

Brush Chipping is a cost-effective solution for managing brush disposal. Brush Chipping is a process that reduces brush and other vegetation to wood chips. The wood chips can then be mulched and used for landscaping applications, or disposed of. With so many options for disposing of brush, why would you consider Brush Chipping? It is affordable, environmentally friendly and safe.

Why is brush chipping important? 

The planned cutting of shrubs helps to achieve one or several goals at once:

  • Free the plant from dead, diseased and old branches.

  • Provide each branch and the plant as a whole with a maximum of fresh air, sunlight and nutrients, which will immediately improve the appearance and decorativeness of the bush.

  • To give the crown of an ornamental shrub a certain shape and size

  • Strengthens and heals an old plant, significantly extending its life.

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