Are you looking for Hedge Trimming  ?

Regular and correct cutting of the hedge is a very important condition for this decorative part of the garden to always please you with its fresh green and neat appearance. Hedge growth shearing is a neat decorative look and, in addition to growth, the formation of a denser crown, increased growth of lateral branches and leaves of plants.

How to  trim hedges


Prune Plants

  • Plants with a poorly formed crown are cut to half the length.

  • The branches of well-formed mature plants are cut by a third.

  • Such pruning is done the next season after planting.

  • So, if the plants were planted in the spring, then the first pruning is carried out in the fall.


Form a Fence

  • The goal of shaping is to give the hedge the desired profile and increase the density of the branches.

  • Do not try to give the hedge a regular rectangular cut shape with flat tops and sides.

  • With this form of cutting, the lower shoots lack light, become bare and die.

  • It is desirable that the height of the fence be significantly greater than the width.

Frequently Asked Questions 


How often should a hedge be trimmed?
Hedge trimming is best done in the spring. Some varieties of hedges can withstand cold weather or frost, but most hedges do not tolerate cold exposure to fresh cuts. In the summer season, trimming can be done at any time: periodic removal of shoots during growth stimulates growth and directs shoots up. Trim your hedge twice a year if necessary, once in the middle of summer and once at the end.


What tools you can use for hedge trimming ? 
• Manual garden shears or secateurs - for thin shoots
• Trellis shears, preferably with serrated blades - for thicker branches
• Pruning shears - for the thickest branches
• Electric hedge clippers - double sided for crowning or single sided for straight hedges.


Why trim hedges?
Trim Hedges are done to enhance the growth of lateral shoots, increase the density of the crown, to obtain an even profile of the hedge.