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Are you looking for thinning ?

The importance of thinning is to create favorable conditions for the correct formation of the trunk and crown of the best trees. Thinning is carried out in coniferous stands and hardwoods of seed origin.

As the forest floors grow over time, they become increasingly dense and heavy. This can cause the trees in this area to become weaker and susceptible to disease. Tree thinning is crucial for maintaining healthy trees as well as improving wildlife diversity.

When thinning out trees, it's important to maintain the overall shape and size of the tree. If you prune more than 15%, the tree may go into shock and respond by producing suckering growth. This is unsightly and can undo all the work you've done

There are also some types of trees that should not be thinned as they will respond by producing suckering growth no matter how much pruning is done.

Our experienced consultants can advise you on how much thinning is required for your particular tree.

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