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Are you looking for Selective Land and Lot Clearing?

What Is Land Clearing?
Land clearing is the process of removing trees and other vegetation in preparation for new development. Depending on the scope of your project, this can range from clearing a small area for a driveway to clearing large areas for a subdivision or a completely new development. It can be a time-consuming and expensive operation. Having the right equipment and techniques can make land clearing faster, easier, and more efficient.

When is the Land and Lot Cleared ? 

However, the ideal time to clean your garden is when more people arrive. For comfort and safety. As soon as warm weather sets in, feel free to prep your garden with a lawn mower.

Therefore, our advice when to clear the land is at the beginning of summer. But don't wait until it gets too hot, because then the task will be much more difficult.

After land is cleared, the resulting biomass can either be disposed of or left to decompose. If possible, it is best to leave the remains of bushes and trees as they contribute nutrients to the regeneration of the land. This helps to improve the quality of the land naturally and sustainably. For example, burning these remains emits carbon dioxide unnecessarily into the atmosphere.

Should you clear the land or lot by yourself or call in a specialist?

It is worth knowing that it will take a lot of time and effort to clear a summer cottage from shrubs and trees, and there will also be costs for the purchase of tools and equipment. It is better to hire a professional team to do all of this work.

The client`s interest and satisfaction are always in the first place for us - we are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation. Please, feel free to contact us!

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